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Fear & Your Life as You Know It: Coaching from the Inside Out

  • Thu, March 24, 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Zoom


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Welcome to the ICF Chapter Book Tour

with author Janet M. Harvey
(ICF Master Certified Coach, Accredited Coaching Supervisor & Certified Mentor Coach)


Lessons from 2020 The Year of No Return

Fear & Your Life as You Know It:  Coaching from the Inside Out

Relevant ICF Core Competency Focus: #2 Embodies a Coaching Mindset, #4 Cultivates Trust and Safety, and #7 Evokes Awareness

Description:  Fear that stops you from choosing a new path is an illusion yet palpable, present and real.  When perception becomes a truth you adopt without question, you are living out of integrity. Learn to see beyond the surface to the truth of what is, what is real, true and available to then choose an embrace of respect, acceptance and love. Explore how the archetypal journey of human development is inclusive.  It doesn’t discriminate based on gender, culture, economic status, or any other criteria you identify.* As an adult, we’ve forgotten that taking risks and falling down was how we learned, everything. Choose to get back up, inside-out.

Learning Outcomes

1.      Discover new ways to explore fear, the emotion that builds resistance to the changes clients most want to pursue.
2.      Peer practice with ICF core competency skills that support being generative with clients to breakthrough paralyzing fear.
3.      Pursue choices that evolve your coaching practice toward being more inclusive, equitable and brave.

Janet M. Harvey, Best Selling Author of the award-winning book Invite Change - Lessons from 2020, The Year of No Return and CEO of inviteCHANGE, a coaching organization that shapes a world where people love their life’s work. Janet has trained and coached leaders at Fortune 500 companies, across 6 continents, for more than 25 years.

An early adopter for creating a coach-centered workplace, Janet has worked with global organizations and teams of leaders to establish a generative, resilient, and high-performance culture through a coaching approach.

Janet has experienced that the secret to having your biggest breakthrough is reconnecting with your authentic self. When that happens, you are able to make big changes, even on a global level.

Janet Harvey uses her executive and entrepreneurial experience to cultivate leaders in sustainable excellence through Generative Wholeness™, a signature generative coaching and learning process for people, processes, and systems.

Janet is also a board director for the ICF Thought Leadership Institute, an ICF Global Past President, a Certified Mentor Coach, and Accredited Coaching Supervisor. Audiences around the globe speak of Janet as a bold, curious, provocative, and compassionate leader.

 CCEUs to be issued- 1.5 Core Competencies

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